Friday, December 05, 2008

Suggestion to the Auto Industry

Forget wasting more money to the present incompetent management and inefficient three companies. No use to delay or postpone while wasting more money.

We do not need three companies any more: merge GM, Ford and Chrysler into two new entities, one taking over the best in the upper-middle vehicles, the other taking over the best in the lower range.

Need to fire all the present executives, no bonus to leave. Hire brilliant managers from various segments who can show initiative, savoir faire, at a salary competitive with their counterparts in Japan, South Korea and Europe.

Congress should also be fired, but not having asked the right questions before, and still ignoring major issues, right now. When the president of GM said they have learned from their mistakes, the question should be: what did you learn.

In Asia, when an executive makes a mistake, he resigns.

We can not fire the Congress, unfortunately, but Congress should fire the present mentality in Detroit.

The Facilitator

Monday, July 07, 2008

It is the Congress, stupid

Twice, last Summer, we have asked the removal of the Executives at Fannie Mae. It was insane and irresponsible for the Congress to ask additional funds for supporting a management who has mismanaged more than $11 billion in previous years.

Recently, the Federal Reserve chairman, Ben S. Bernanke, and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson have both urged Freddie Max and Fannie Mae i to raise additional capital from investors. Easy to say, but investors are a little smarter than Congress.

Now, typical White House, they propose to change the accounting rules in an desperate effort to raise $75 billion in additional capital — an enormous sum for two firms that have already asked investors for $25 billion since last December. The new trend in our country: a loss will become an asset. We will surely impress the real world...again.
Instead of lecturing the world, Mr. Paulson should stay home, like all other members of the White House, save fuel, and taxpayers money, and try to replace the incompetent team at Fannie Mae. There is no use to give more money to executives who have no ethics, no moral and no competence. Again, typical regime of Cheney-Bush years.
As we have previously stated before, twice last Summer, once more last Fall, once more last Winter, the whole Executive of Fannie Mae should be fired, and replaced by more competent and honest people. Like everything else under this scandalous administration, we will have to suffer loses. Better do it now, save and protect what can be recuperated, instead of losing everything later.
Never too late, to wake up, Congress. Your children will blame you for your coward behaviour of yesterday, but will never excuse you for your stupidity of today.
The Facilitator.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Saving fuel

Instead of blaming speculators, the White House should start giving the example, and stop being responsible for the waste of gas.
A month ago, in Houston, hundreds of planes have lost about one hour of fuel, waiting for our irresponsible vice-president to leave the airport. How many times do we have the same scenario every time the disguised representative of Halliburton travels? Forget the inconveniences for thousands of passengers......he does not care.
Two weeks ago, our dear president infuriated (his expertise) more than 40,000 international travellers when several hundred airlines were delayed, for two hours, for landing at Heathrow Airport in London. Again, how many millions have been wasted, combined with a negative public image (another expertise of the Cheney-Bush Regime).
It is an embarrassment whenever Bush, Cheney, Rice go anywhere outside of Washington., not only by the security they need (being so popular), by the inconveniences to the citizens, and by their insults to the host countries.
How much taxpayers money are we losing, and how much fuel are we wasting, to have Laura Bush landing in Afghanistan, for a few minutes. An expensive smirk that we can not afford anymore.
Instead of blaming the speculators, perhaps the White House and their sycophants, should stop provoking Iran and Venezuela. Perhaps, Congress should force a more responsible use of taxpayers money, and find ways to better manage our economy and save fuel at home. Oops, forget it. Too much clairvoyance to ask from our Congress.
In summary: please, stay home....we will save fuel and stop creating more enemies.
The Facilitator.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Don't blame the speculators

The White House and their sycophants are quite alert for denouncing the blame game when they are at faults (Katrina, as one of so many examples), but quite prompt to use the blame game for justifying the accumulation of fiascoes and mismanagement.

According to the Republican propaganda machine, and their corrupted media, we should blame the speculators for the high price of oil. In the last 18 months, the barrel went from $50. to $150. In addition, Cheney-Bush Regime would like us to believe that we should increase the production, here and abroad.
In spite of several trips and kneeling in Saudi Arabia, the disguised Halliburton representative did not succeed too well. Now, let's see what the real world knows about us:
1- the collapse of our US dollar
2- the mismanagement of our economy (foreclosures, no new real jobs, etc.)
3- no refinery built in this country for more than 20 years
4- no incentive to save energy and create other alternatives
5- an irresponsible Congress who did not force the automakers to produce more efficient cars
6- the 2 or 3 trillion dollars wasted in Iraq and Aflghanistan
7- our snobbish and arrogant attitude
8- the accumulation of insults and lectures when our representatives visit other countries
9- the continuous threats to Venezuela and Iran, two major oil producers and influential members of OPEC
A great majority of shrewd war analysts, including politicians in Israel, have confirmed the mistake of Israel to attack Lebanon. It was the responsibility of any decent US Administration to warn Israel, but Rice with her smirk contributed to the fiasco by delaying the end of the failed invasion.
Same mistake again, now, with Israel, once more, trying to be tough, with the complicitous silence of the White House. It will be easy for Iran to block the Hermuz Strait, in spite of the childish response of certain members of the Pentagon.
With such a scenario, as described before, what do speculators do? They simply speculate. They buy oil today at $145. a barrel, because they believe it will eventually reach $200. or $250. or $300. They speculate that our irresponsible Congress and White House will continue to be irresponsible.
We have millions of shareholders in this country. They are all investors and speculators. They do buy stocks because they want a protection against inflation, and also, because they believe, for whatever reason, the price will be higher tomorrow.
According to the great intelligent short-sighted, narrow-minded sycophants of the White House and Republican Party, we should also close all the stock markets in this country, and leave the real free market in the hands of more mature people in London, Hong Kong and Singapore.
So, we should not blame speculators, but blame Cheney, Bush, Rice, Bolton, Lierberman, Wolfowitz, and their puppets.
The Facilitator.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Advice to Obama: be a Trudeau

Who is Trudeau? Need an explanation because 95% of our population do not know there is a world outside our borders. A very great number still do not know that more than fifteen countries have a better standard of living than us.
Pierre Trudeau has been Prime Minister of Canada for 16 years in the 70s. He was his own man, millionaire, superior intelligent, and was not afraid to stand up against the profiteers, lobbyists, pressure groups and religious fanatics.
He fought against the oil companies in Alberta, mostly Americans, as well against the separatists in Quebec, against a group of fascists financed or supported by Caisses Desjardins, a so-called financial institution which controls wicked judges via their personal loans and house mortgages.
Even Richard Nixon hated him.....being too smart, I guess, and not a poodle of the White House.
As described by Maureen Dowd, in New York Times, Obama recently answered a reporter: "I can't have fun's not allowed"
Obama must learn that he will never please everyone, and should not try. Forget the bigots, and other short-sighted arrogant Republican supporters, including Lieberman, and commentators at Fox News where so-called experts are so wrong, so often.
Fair and balanced, what a joke, with White House Karl Rove, and Bill Kristol and his smirk, and so many others. Amazing how the attacks on John Kerry have been ignored by the media, four years ago.
Obama must stand up and stop finding excuses or justifications. There is a lot of work to be done, here, in this country. Let McBush, McSame alias McCain travels in Iraq and support our troops over there, because he can not support them at home. We are winning what? How about the 2 trillion dollars wasted, the million people killed or handicapped, and the two million citizens displaced?
Forget our prestige, credibility, is gone...perhaps forever. The real world knows that we can not manage a war, can not manage Katrina, can not manage our economy, can not manage a health care system, an education program, and take care of our elderlies and poors.
Thanks to Cheney-Bush Regime and their sycophants, the real world will remember us for having elected the worse Army General or Commander in Chief since the creation of Adam and Eve.
The Facilitator

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Let's seize the assets of....

More than time to seize the assets of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Bolton, Lieberman and other sycophants of the Cheney-Bush Regime, including executives of Halliburton. We have put in jail certain businessmen because they mismanaged a few hundred millions of a few thousand shareholders. But, we have ignored the incompetence at Fannie Mae.
How about those who have mismanaged a few trillions of 300 million taxpayers? In addition, they have lied to the population, for their own personal and short-sighted interest.
Because of our spineless Congress, it is too late to impeach Cheney-Bush, but not too late to show the world, and our future generation, that those who did abuse of their power, should and will pay. A great example for our children and a unique lesson for future politicians.
Time to stand up for our values, and be respected. How can we expect to regain our trust, prestige and credibility with the real world, if we can not respect ourselves.
Time for action is....yesterday.
The Facilitator.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Respect for the rules

The rule of law….but for the Cheney-Bush regime. Now, time to show the country that the Democratic Party will install and apply the rule of law…and this start by applying the rules of their own party.

All candidates agreed that Florida and Michigan will not be counted. No one did campaign there….but Hillary, subversively. The Party must encourage the respect of agreements.

Delegates of Michigan and Florida should be seated, but, but, vote (and be obliged to vote) according to the present number of votes in the 48 states. Pledged delegates, distributed accordingly.

By the way, what’s the use to count the votes in Puerto Rico if they do not vote in November. Why give them an influence in choosing the nominee, if they can not influence the overall votes in November. Two ridiculous items, here.
The Facilitator
from one of our readers

Friday, May 30, 2008

Hypocrisy at New York Times

Once more, David Brooks, as a typical Republican, blames Iran in his to-day's article for the reason, we, Americans, do not understand Iranians. Another excuse for defending the incompetent Cheney-Bush Regime.
It is amazing how Iranians understand themselves when it is time to make deals with Russia and China.
I thought the policy at New York Times was for their collaborators to show a non-partisan approach. Well, how about the Fox's puppet, Bill Kristol, with his continuous smirk in his face, who has been so wrong, so often?
Editorials at New York Times should also reflect the best interest of the United States in foreign policy, not, protecting the "raison d'être" of another country at our own expenses. We already have enough politicians paid by the taxpayers working against our own interest, including Senator Lieberman, ex-ambassador Bolton, etc.
By the way, it is more than time for the Democratic Party to excommunicate Lieberman. Time for Pelosi, Reid, Dean to show they are not spineless, and have some respect for their members.
The Facilitator.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Not ready, on day one

Another day, another gaffe. All candidates make them. The problem with Hillary: her gaffes are scary. Obliterate Iran; destroy OPEC; destroy anyone who will attack Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Israel; black voters and small states are not important; change the rules in the last quarter, when you do not like the result; accumulation of lies and hypocrisy.

She is not playing the woman card, but firmly count on it, with the sympathy of naive, gullible voters. Now, if you are educated, young and middle-aged, with a prominent position, you are just an elite, and do not represent America. Your vote will not be important in November.
Hillary has no more "savoir faire" than the Cheney-Bush regime. Once more, the White House will insult foreigners. Her experience: what a joke. She lied about that, too. Her judgment: now, we are just starting to see the real nature of Hillary. What are the polls saying today? Who are you?
She has no respect for her opponent, no respect for the Party. Many times, Obama found reasons to excuse her about her latest gaffe. She has no respect for her opponent, no respect for the Party. Many times, Obama found reasons to excuse her about her latest gaffe. She never returned the favor. Au contraire, she jumped on each opportunity to attack him, on minuscule weakness, and most of the time, distorting the facts.
Obama should not be naive to believe in her sincerity. He should stop talking about "it is not what she meant". She never said that about Obama. For our own future, I hope she will never be President, not because, she is a woman, but because, she is THAT woman.
Bring an assasination story in the campaign, especially knowing the danger for Obama, is just irresponsible. Another revelation of her poor judgment. She does not care. Perhaps an encouragement to a wacko, among her supporters. "I had Ted Kennedy in my mind, recently" What a sinister lie.
Being proud to tell the public that she accepted money from a young boy who sold his bicycle, just revealed her true own ego.
Just wonder also about the maturity of the parents of the said boy. Another example, how our population do vote, which explains our collapsing economy, dollar, prestige, and influence with the real world.
The Facilitator

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Who is voting for US, in Florida?

Interesting and revealing article in New York Times, today. Ex-Cubans will not vote for Obama because he is not tough enough with Cuba. Jews will not vote for Obama because he is not enough for Israel.
Amazing how short-sighted and ignorant are those two groups. Both of them support a policy that has been counter-productive for their own goals. They are voting against their own interest.
Astonishing to hear from Fox News and their sycophants the repetition of the new word: gaffe.
Obama made a gaffe because he wants to meet with Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba, etc. Ooops. Israel is now meeting with Syria. Oops, a large number of citizens in Israel are willing to talk with Iran, Syria, Hamas, etc.
It seems that the ones against such "appeasement" are the Jewish organisations in our own country, including Lieberman, a Senator paid by the American taxpayers.
Perhaps, tomorrow, Obama will make another gaffe by eating breakfast, since the White House machine has faxed the word "gaffe" every time Obama was right.....before every one else understood the real world. Pakistan as another example.
By the way, gaffe is a french world. It should be banned from the Congress and the Republicans.
Finally, who in Florida is voting for us, the United States? Who is voting for our interest?
It appears that the imported Floridians still did not learn where to put their X, because of their prejudices. Where are the real racists in this country?
The Facilitator.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Words are not important?

Two months ago, Hillary was complaining about a few mottoes of Obama. Only words. No meaning. Now, she is paying a lot attention to bitterness. So much, that she has nothing else to offer, but find out ways to distort Obama's speech.
She wanted to look tough by voting for the war in Iraq. Now, she is using her father's guns...and she goes to church too. If she can not (do not want to admit) that a great majority of people are bitter in this country, she is really out of touch.
A frustrated woman from the 60s who pretends not to use the gender card. It is discouraging to see that 30% of the public still believe the Cheney-Bush regime did a heck of a job. It is more discouraging to see so many Democrats in Pennsylvania not seeing the real Hillary, and what is best for the future of this country.
More than time for a wake-up call in Pennsylvania, if Democrats do not want to repeat the mistake of 2004, by choosing Kerry. To the credit of Kerry, he understood that Obama was the right choice at the right time, not only within our borders, but also for restoring our collapsing image and prestige with the rest of the real world.
Question to Bill: who will wear the pants in the White House? If your wife is too tired at 11 p.m., and succeed to lie, what will happen at 3 a.m.? There is a huge difference between misquoting and lying. We have enough lies from the White House....and more than enough of excuses and blames.
The Facilitator.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Canada + 43, U.S. -63

Canada, with a population of 35 million, has created 43,000 new jobs in February, while, us, with a population of 325 million, were losing 63,000 jobs. For the second straight month, Canada is showing a positive result, while we are revealing a negative factor.
Something is wrong, really wrong.....and it has been wrong for a long time. The Congress did not do its job, combined with the complacency of the media, as they did for the first five years of the Cheney-Bush Regime.
An irresponsible and short-sighted Congress, wasting time and taxpayers money for changing French fries to Freedom fries, and inquiring about the use of drugs by baseball players. Now, our Representatives will challenge the decision to give an aircraft contract to an European firm, while two presidential candidates will argue about abolishing NAFTA.
Our elected representatives definitely need more clairvoyance and maturity. Unfortunately, the media are not doing their job by keeping us informed about the real and serious issues facing our future standard of living. We are getting the government we deserve, which explains that 28% still believe Cheney-Bush-Rice triumvirate is doing a great job.
The Facilitator

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Shame on you, Media

Once more, the Cheney-Bush Regime has been ignored by members of OPEC. What do you expect when we insult a few of their members with ultimatums. Till a few years ago, foreign leaders were coming to Washington. Now, Washington must go abroad, for begging.
That's the legacy of the Cheney-Bush irresponsible management. They have destroyed our prestige, influence, trust, with the real world. In addition, in spite of having the biggest army of the world, so far, the Commander in Chief (who was not brave enough to wear boots, or did not know) has succeeded to demonstrate that we can not successfully invade a country. In spite of one trillion dollars, we have shown the world that our army is not that powerful. We are good at destroying buildings, but incapable of managing a country, abroad and at home.
Our economy and our dollars are collapsing. More than 15 million home owners have a negative asset. Not only we are not creating new jobs, but we are losing important quality of work. We can not compete at the international level. While we are boycotting and lecturing the world, China, Asia and Russia are establishing strong and effective business relationships.
More than time that the media boycott the White House. Our standard of living is decreasing at a alarming rate, in comparison to a greater number of countries.
Still, 28% of our people believe King George is doing a great job. Not surprising to see gullible women in New Hampshire impressed by tears (for fake reasons), and Texas voting for someone who can answers a white phone at 3 am. Surprising this time, Queen Hillary did not complain in having the first call.
I will trust more a man having small children in the House, than a woman, being alone. She might escape from the backroom.
We should stop insulting the intelligence of people, and start ignoring the sycophants at the White House. Leave them complete their last 10 months (much much more too much time) in their own short-sighted cocoon.
The Facilitator.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

An incompetent Rice

Once more, Condi is just showing her ignorance and incompetence to the real world, combined with her arrogance, typical of the sycophants at the White House.

She naively believes that she can negotiate peace in Middle East, when, before starting any negotiations, she already blames Hamas. In addition, since the hypocrite attempt to proclaim a peace agreement, she refuses to recognize a democratically elected government.

She has lost, since her first year as Secretary of State, all credibility, respect and trust. No one is listening to the White House, anyhow.

The November elections are not coming too soon, hoping this time, that Americans will get smarter, and reject McCain and all other Republican candidates for Governors, Senators and Representatives, but Ron Paul.

Fortunately, we have several competent and open-minded personalities, within the Democratic Party, who could restore our image at the international level. All of them, Edwards, Richardson, Biden, Dean, Dodds, and so many more, will provide a huge positive asset in various functions of the Government.

We also desperately need a President with clairvoyance, and Obama has so far demonstrated that he was thinking far ahead of everyone else for our Foreign Policy; Iraq, Pakistan being a few examples, combined with the notion to talk with foreign leaders. Being arrogant in an ivory tower is surely not a prerequisite to create friends, or make a rapprochement.
Obama is the only one who understood the Truman era. See our article of September 12, 2006:
"the mistake of Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy"
Efficiency and judgment requires clairvoyance, but also, a look at the past, to avoid having 25 years the same experience.
The Facilitator

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'm not proud of my country...

I am not proud of my country for having....
- invaded Iraq and lied to the real world
- displaced or killed 4 million people in Iraq
- wasted one trillion dollar, and still not have found Bin Laden
- wasted $10 billion in Pakistan to make it more dangereous to us
- kept the Guantanamo base
- boycotted Cuba for 50 years
- let 1/3 of 1% of the population (located in Miami) dictate the will of 99%, against the interest of this country, because of coward politicians
- refused to talk with foreign leaders
- refused to recognize democratically elected leaders in certain countries
- installed dictators, against the will of a majority, in Iran and Cuba (Shah and Batista)
- supported dictators against democratically elected leaders
- kept 700 bases abroad for creating more enemies
- insulted and lectured other countries every time Rice, Bush and Cheney go abroad
- lost the prestige and influence built over the last 50 years
- neglected the middle-class in the last seven years
- made a mockery of the Constitution
- neglected the people of Louisiana
- kept a series of sycophants with no experience, no moral, no ethics
- a spineless and irresponsible Congress
- destroyed our economic power
- neglected our education system
- penalized American companies trying to get contracts abroad
- diminished the value of our dollar
- diminished the value of the American brands
- decreased the standard of living in this country versus the real world
- 40 million people who can not afford to be sick
- increased the number of working hours for each employee (to afford to pay the bills)
- etc. etc. etc.
But, I am proud, that, finally, white citizens can recognize the value of a black candidate, and vote for him.
The Facilitator.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Recession, or Depression!

It is not the economy, stupid, as we have seen in our article of January 15. It is our irresponsible and spinelss Congress. Forget the White House. They have been in a denial stage for the last five years, still does not know what a recession is, still does not realize there is a real world outside our borders, still trying to find out the meaning of global warming.

The package of $165 billion is not the solution, but part of the problem. We are doing exactly the opposite of what should be done: raise interest rate, encourage savings, stop wasting taxpayers money in Iraq, cut the deficits and spendings, stop borrowing abroad, find incentives to create the jobs of tomorrow.

Easy to say. Yes, but the first step, is precisely to take a first step, and show the world we can start managing our own chaos at home and abroad. If we want to increase our exportations, we should stop boycotting the world, expecially lecturing other countries about things we do not practice at home.

More than a year ago, we have talked about the collapse of our dollar, and the consequences. See, our following articles:

November 2: Best places in the world to do business (we are down to 9th place, from 4)

October 5 and 8: Congress is losing precious time (1 + 2), and not fixing our credit crisis

September 25: We export insults, ignorance and incompetence

September 13: Bernanke, not better than Bush

August 20: Our declining American Brands

June 14: Our collapsing Value

How many more wake-up calls before the Congress stand up, and be counted. Hope this time the people will be smarter, and make sure not to re-elect representatives and senators who supported the Cheney-Bush fiasco, at all possible levels.

When we have the presidential candidate for the Republican party mentioning that winning in Iraq (winning what?) is more important than the economy, combined with 30% of the population who still believe that Bush is doing a great job, we are in real troubles, and I feel sorry for the next generation.

McCain proclaims himself an expert in economy, because he attended a series of meetings on economic matters, and we have a large segment of the population who dares to trust him. There is a big difference between 25 years of experience, and 25 years of the same experience. In other words, he is now an expert after confirming, before, he knew nothing about economy.

The real question is not: "are we in a recession?" but, "are we getting into a recession". The real world knows the answer to the first question, but the Congress and Republicans. Unfortunately, if nothing is done, and done drastically, NOW, the American Empire will become the Titanic of this new century. Gone our prestige, influence, military power and business supremacy.

Where are the smart, short-sighted, and narrow-minded people who were laughing at us, last Summer? We need more than courage in politics....we need a leader with clairvoyance.....and less ignorance and arrogance.

The Facilitator

Thursday, January 17, 2008

One way to secure our borders

(We are reproducing our article of October 1st, 2007, which could assist in enhancing the debate with certain presidential candidates)
There are better, and cheaper ways to protect our border with Mexico, which covers 1,951 miles.
- If the main reason to erect a wall of 700 miles (1/3 of the total border), consists in controlling the future number of illegal Mexicans in this country, we already know certain facts. We presently have about 12 million undocumented residents, who work at low wages or pay for various social benefits, that they will never take advantage of. Free money to the Government
Also, they don't always pay for the use of our hospital and school services, but pay taxes on items they purchase.The main and real question remains: what to do, now. There are various ways to find out who and where they are. But, assuming we gather all the information, do we keep them or force them to leave.
We do not need a wall for that. "Just wait, just wait, Mr. Lou Dobbs"The problem: how many more next year?
- If the real reason to erect a wall consists in eliminating all potential terrorists, in the event they are not already here, it is simply too late. The wall is not the solution.
We have a few suggestions with the following benefits:
* save $100 billion a year
* save face in Iraq
* create new jobs in our own country
* promote democracy
* positive approach with Latin America
* more security at home
We know, or should know, (because the world does), that our presence in Iraq has contributed to the cloning of hundreds and hundreds of Al-Qaeda groups and supporters. Perhaps, we should clone another Saddam for taking, and keeping control of Iraq.
Like it or not, there were three main sects before (we should have known that). They are still there today, they will still be there tomorrow...unless, we assist to a total genocide of one group.
There are two theories:
i- our presence in Iraq contributes to develop more enemies at a faster tempo that we succeed (or fail) to eliminate them
ii- if we leave, we will assist to a civil war (too late), or a greater chaos (already worse than the Saddam's regime).
We have a solution for leaving Iraq while saving face, regaining some credibility and respect from the rest of the world.
Let's see, first, the benefits in leaving Iraq. We could use our 147,000 soldiers to secure the 1,951 miles with Mexico. Imagine, we do not need a fence anymore. One soldier every 210 feet, with three shifts per day. We could save billions by not having to ship equipment overseas. We could create thousands of new jobs here, in United States, by not outsourcing billions and billions of dollars in food, shopping, fuel, repairs, and various articles.
This should definitely pleases Mr. Lou Dobbs of CNN: less outsourcing and a soldier every 210 feet for a more secure (and humane) border. Not only we could save $1.2 billion by not erecting the fence, but also, much more by decreasing the need of electronic equipment and high-tech TV cameras.
Our soldiers could be on the front line with the assistance of our border patrol as back-up or second levee, in case there is a breach on the front line. We could also use the thousands of trailers paid for Katrina, presently sleeping in the middle of nowhere, for assisting our troops.
Who said that the aftermath of Katrina was poorly planned? A United Front: the army, the reserve, the national guard, the border patrol....How better can we show the world that we are United..... After all, we are the United States of America....standing on guard, protecting our Mexican border, from Pacific Ocean to Gulf of Mexico. Additional benefits: it will be much easier to recruit new volunteers....less pressure tactics....Who would not like to serve our country in guarding our border against illegal immigrants or potential terrorists.
It is becoming harder and harder to fight the enemies abroad, instead of having to fight them at home. The problem: abroad becomes, more and more, a broader abroad, much longer and larger than 1,951 miles. It should be easier to stop the terrorists at our door.
We should remember that the actors of 9/11 were from inside. We will never succeed to stop the thinking of outsiders. Father Haliburton (Cheney, alias the real decider) will be mad, with such a scenario, but, if we want to promote democracy, we must show, and proof, that the will of the many, prevails over the will of the few.
So, Mr. Bush, tear down that wall. Republicans are very good at telling other countries to tear down their walls, and lecturing the world about democracy. Very ineffective at practising at home.
Now, for the solution of leaving Iraq, it is a simple, but practical idea. We will only share it with the new President. Forget the present Administration.
For those who believe we can win in Iraq, the question is: winning what? Who will pay for the 2 million people who have been displaced, and the million killed? How will we recover from the loss of prestige, credibility and trust? How about the trauma for our own soldiers and their families, when they come back? How about the collapse of our economy? How about the influence of China and Russia in strategic countries, gained at our own expense? How about the reputation of our so-called strongest army in the world, if we are still fighting after five years?
So, we are winning what?
The Facilitator.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's NOT the economy, stupid

Now, that our brilliant presidential candidates have finally discovered the poor economic health of our country, if we exclude a few Republicans (Bush, still does not know what is a recession), we are witnessing a series of programs to cure our cancer. Because, cancer it is, and will get worse, unless there is a candidate with courage to stand up, and diagnose the real causes of our financial illness.
Forget the 1990s with "it's the economy, stupid". Fifteen years later, we did not learn anything. It's not the economy, but us, only us, who are stupid. No use to repeat the accumulation of mistakes made by the White House, with the support of a spineless and irresponsible Congress.
By allowing young couples to buy a $400,000. house with no down-payment, no interest (combined with the big cars in the driveway, and luxury furniture), the real world was just watching and waiting to see the foreseeable disastrous ending. We just can dream so much. Eventually, we have to wake up....or stay in bed....or take more sleeping pills. We are addicted to oil, but also to drugs.
We will just briefly enumerate a few causes of our financial woes. First, Americans, as individuals, are not savings. As a matter of fact, they spend more than they earn. As a nation, forget it. We are just getting deeper and deeper in red.
Secondly, cutting the interest rate is not the solution, but part of the problem. We provide a short term stimulus, but, six months later, we face a bigger problem. A band-aid solution can protect temporary, but does not cure the wound.
Thirdly, we must stop borrowing, as a nation, and as individuals. More than time to address the huge budget deficit. We are shipping billions and billions in interest to Asia and other international lenders. The collapsing value of our dollar for the last four years make it more difficult to borrow abroad. Already, several international companies and financial entities are switching to the Euro as their currency of exchange.
Fourth, we have accumulated so many faux-pas in our foreign policy (see several of our articles, last year), that we are assisting other countries to outbid us in international trades. We are losing more time and energy in boycotting certain countries, than trying to create mutually beneficial business relationships.
Because of our naive, childish, and retarded approach with Cuba, we are losing an important share of the Latin American countries, a market of 500 million consumers.
Because of our arrogant, narrow-minded and stupid behaviour with Iran, we are alienating several Arab countries, making a joke of ourselves, and providing companies of other countries to compete, at our own disadvantage.
While we are wasting one trillion dollars (and counting) in Iraq, China and Russia develop strategic alliances with the real world, including Europe.
Fifth, Washington is responsible for the economic problems in Michigan. Irresponsible Congress should have forced, a long time ago, the production of more efficient cars. No, they were bribed by lobbyists. Not in Japan.
It is NOT the is us, we the people, who are stupid. So, we have the government we deserve. Sorry for the children of the boomers who will pay for the ignorance of their parents.
The Facilitator.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bill Clinton, our Vladimir Putin

In five months, Vladimir Putin, present President of Russian Federation, will probably be elected Prime Minister, with the support of his loyal friend, Dimitri Medvedev who should succeed him as President. In other words, new title, but same leader.
We remember the empty and arrogant comment by Bush: "We will not accept a change of power from Fidel to Raul Castro". The White House has been more polite (?) in the case of Putin.
Now, the real world is looking at us, and wonder if Bill Clinton, via Hillary, will again be the commander of the White House. He is fighting quite hard to get her elected, so much, that he lost his status of statesmanship.
It is more than time for Hillary to convince us of who will be in charge, if she is nominated, and elected. She should be honest with the public. The best way will be to send her husband away, very far away. He is probably more a liability than an asset.
Time to tell us who wears the pants in this election. If she found her voice in New Hampshire, via gullible women, she must now find a sincere and honest path to Washington. The real world has changed. The 90s and the present Republicans (but Ron Paul) are not the solution for our future. We are bankrupt, isolated and disliked. Still, 30% prefer to keep their head in the sand.
As well, a few leaders of the Democratic Party, Reid, From, Ford, should learn to be neutral, or resign. If not, they might lose the White House again.
The Facilitator

Saturday, January 12, 2008

If I were Edwards (6)

Cheney-Bush Regime has been a divider, at home, and a uniter, abroad. Unfortunately, the White House, in its great wisdom and savoir faire, has succeeded in assisting Hugo Chavez to develop strategic relationship with most of the 20 Latin American countries.

Because of the retarded mentality that prevails in Miami, we have succeeded to make Fidel Castro an international hero.

Because of our disastrous failure in Iraq, we have been blaming Iran, and diverting the attention from several major problems at home. We are now assisting Iran to develop strong allies in the Arab world.

There is no use to discus the irresponsible and unrealistic comments by Bush, concerning the Palestine issue. After seven years, he just realizes what the real world has known for twenty years.

Stupidly, naively, the White House is trying to convince the Arab World to gather against Iran. Again, another great strategy to alienate million more people, and have the world laughing at us.

As reported in several Gulf State media, including Koweit, Bush's attempts to portray Iran as a danger were another of a series of lies. Most of the Arab States understand that a powerful Iran, as a neighbour, will be their best friend. Not the United States. They do not buy our Iranophobia.

The Arab countries, the Egyptians, the Saudis, have adopted a new policy. They decided to ameliorate their relations with Iran,” said Diaa Rashwan, a political analyst at the Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies in Cairo.
Mr. Bush's efforts to convince them to reverse course will likely fail because the war in Iraq and the President's perceived pro-Israel bias have driven American credibility near an all-time low in the Arab world, he said.

It's a sentiment that's widely felt around the region. “Bush can't force me to have Iran as an enemy. Iran will be our neighbour for thousands, millions of years. We need to have peaceful relations with our neighbours,” said Nabeel Rajab, head of the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights.

As we have said before, it is more than time for Edwards to stand up, and show how the Republican candidates, at the exception of Ron Paul and Huckabee, should be held accountable for their irresponsible attitude in supporting the Bush regime.

Edwards should also ask Hillary what is her new position of change about Iran.

Edwards should also ask the Pentagon to produce the whole video of the incident with the Iranian speedboats, before the said tapes are destroyed. The American public must have the opportunity to view the tape (without cuts) and find out, if we can hear the noise of motors, waves and wind, when the Iranian commander apparently gave the so-called ultimatum.

The Facilitator.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

If I were Edwards (5)

While the energies and money of both Clinton and Obama are presently used to outdo each other, Edwards could outsmart them by paying more attention to our Foreign Affairs. So many fiascoes by the Cheney-Bush regime, and all Republican presidential candidates (except Ron Paul), still support the White House.

Edwards has a great opportunity to attack all of them, and in the same time, gain some credibility at the international level. We all know, but 30% of the population and Fox News, that we have lost the friendship and respect from most of the Latin American countries. Only a market of 500 million people. Not important.

Forget the Middle-East. It will take a few generations, if, we ever recover. In Asia, they do not listen to us anymore. Now, we are losing ground in Europe, at various levels. We have seen that Poland and Czech are not interested in harbouring a US Missile-Base Program, and do not buy our propaganda against Iran, Iraq, and the war on terror.
Another example: the director of the Russian Academy of Science's Space Research Institute, Lev Zeleny, has just announced that Russian and European scientists were preparing several crafts for an expedition to Jupiter and its moon Europa. The project, he said, is being called Laplace. Its main goal will be the exploration of Europa, which has liquid water on it, under a layer of ice kilometers deep.
Several months ago, we have mentioned that American companies and entities will be facing tougher competition for getting contracts abroad. In addition, the declining value of our dollar will accelerate the use of the Euro as the future main currency. OPEC is already working for such a change. China has already started.
The ultimatums, insults and threats by an irresponsible White House, and their sycophants, only succeed to isolate us with the real world. Meanwhile, China, Russia, and Chavez build strategic alliances. Time for Edwards to denounce such a disastrous path. Our children will pay a heavy addition to the alarming deficits. Thanks to a spineless Congress.
The Facilitator

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

If I were Edwards (4)

Several months ago, we have mentioned that John Edwards should distinguish himself from the other presidential candidates, by adding the important Foreign Affairs to his agenda. Never too late.
He should attack right now all the Republican candidates, at the exception of Ron Paul, and ask them their strategy for our missile-defense bases in Europe. All five of them support the disastrous Bush doctrine, abroad.
We have seen in the article # 2 of our series "If I were Edwards", that Poland is not willing to accept a US base four our Missile-Defense Program. Now, according to a Czech pollster, CVVM,
the number of Czech citizens who feel negatively about the placement of American missile defense facilities in the Czech Republic has risen to 70 percent.
What are the tough Republicans, with no brain, planning to do? Force their selfish agenda again, against the will of the majority (we promote democracy abroad, right?).....or bribe their leaders as we did to build the Iraq coalition.....or invade both countries.....or accuse Russia to interfere in Europe......or blame Iran for......(something to come).
Edwards could also ask the same question to Hillary, because she is so afraid of Iran, or so pro-Pentagon. Experience of so many years, or 25 years of the same experience, or simply gullibility. We must rebuild our international image, and can not afford to repeat the same mistakes.
Our best defence and strength will be to close our 700 bases abroad, stop alienating the real world, and concentrate in protecting our own country, at home. Make sure we are fully secure against all attacks from outsiders.
As well, all politicians, bureaucrats, advisers, paid by American taxpayers should work for the exclusive interest of United States. Not for someone else.
The Facilitator.

Monday, January 07, 2008

If I were Edwards (3)

Change versus Experience.

Clinton claims her numerous years of experience in the White House as First Lady, before as the first lady of Arkansas, and now as Senator of New York. Having met and shaking hands with several leaders in Washington and/or abroad, is not a prerequisite gaining experience in Foreign Affairs and in managing the direction of the country.
Richardson pretends he has more experience because he has held several functions in the Clinton Administration, and has negotiated with a few foreign leaders. First of all, learning to be polite, knowing the customs of foreign countries and being able not to insult his hosts, are part of the experience. When Richardson showed the sole of his shoes to Sadam, that was a no, no. That was extremely poor behaviour.
The number of years in a function does not mean anything. Twenty-five years of experience, or 25 years of the same experience. That's the question, Edwards should ask to both of them. If they did not learn before, will they repeat the same fiasco we have seen with Bush-Cheney-Rice. Forget Bolton...and Lieberman....they are not working for the American people, but dare to be paid by the taxpayers.
The Facilitator

If I were Edwards (2)

I would take the lead in our disastrous foreign policy, and attack all Republican candidates (at the exception of Ron Paul).

Pursuant to the decision of Poland not to accept Missile-Defense Bases from the United States, in spite of the fact that we paid their entry in Iraq, I will challenge all Republicans, and Hillary, if they are still pursuing the same course in our own war abroad.

Poland is not worry about Iran. Who is? Cheney and Bolton, of Lieberman, the Senator of Israel, paid by the American taxpayers, and a bunch of sycophants at the Pentagon.

Time for Edwards to stand up, and make a difference in our foreign policy. The Cheney regime via Bush puppet has succeeded in alienating Russia, China, most of Latin America, most of European countries. We have so few friends, that we are now the isolated people. Please, Condi, stop travelling abroad.

The Facilitator.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

If I were Edwards (1)

All of a sudden, all presidential candidates are for "change". The new motto. But, who can deliver "real" changes? From Saturday's night debate:
Hillary: "As Senator of New York, I have made changes....sign those bills. When we came to the White House in 1992, we were facing a huge deficit. When we left, we had a great surplus. That's change. When I become the President, I will be the first woman elected. That's is change"

Edwards: "Is it not part of the job as Senator to do something? All Senators, Governors, all of us running as candidates have done something. It was our job. Now, Hillary, are you taking credit for the years of Bill Clinton? Does it mean if you are elected, your husband will be running the show?"

"You have been in the White House for 8 years. So, Hillary, if you are elected president, there will be no change. If Obama is elected, that will be a change. If I am elected, I will not only change the colours, I will expel all lobbysts from the White House temple. That will be real change."

Friday, November 02, 2007

Best place to do business?

On June 14, "Our collapsing value", and on August 30, "A declining American Brand", we have explained various problems facing US companies for dealing with the rest of the world, in contradiction to Business Week.
Two weeks ago, Economist Intelligence Unit published its annual business environment rankings, a survey started ten years ago. Unfortunately, we did tumble to 9th from 4th place.

According to the latest report, Canada, Switzerland, Hong Kong, the Netherlands and Australia will all have better business environments than the U.S., in the next five years. Such report confirms what we have been saying in our two articles of June 14 and August 30.
Main reasons for the lack of US attractiveness in the business environment:

- mounting financial and macroeconomic risks
- increased protectionism, and security concerns
- strained international relations.

Fundamental features of the US business environment will remain attractive (deregulated labour markets, the high quality of infrastructure, leadership in technology) and the differences between countries at the top of the business environments league are fairly small—so the changes for the US should not be exaggerated.

Nonetheless, there are undoubtedly also signs of deterioration in key areas and causes for concern. Other countries will make progress in improving their business environment, while the overall quality of conditions in the US will stagnate.

This should be a wake-up for the Congress, and the media, to become trusty, open-minded, and alert. Instead of voting irresponsible resolutions to boycott every one, every where, they should start boycotting the White House. They should also denounce certain politicians (Cheney, Bolton, Lieberman) who, with taxpayers money, are working against the interest of the American people, by protecting/promoting the selfish desires of certain small groups.
The Facilitator

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Presidential Courage

In his new book "A Higher Purpose: Profiles in Presidential Courage", Thomas Whalen described a series of acts of political courage by various Presidents in our history. A few examples:
- Chester Arthur who, despite being well connected with the patronage system, became a model president, by establishing the bi-partisan Civil Service Commission to eliminate the patronage system at the Federal level.
- We all know the courage of Harry Truman who fired Douglas MacArthur in 1951. The General of the Army, who was at that time, very popular, but had a problem with insubordination.
- Also, John F. Kennedy who knew that if he went against the segregationists, he could lose the 1964 election.
As explained by Thomas Whalen, when confronted with difficult choices, some presidents make decisions that lead to personal redemption. They see the light, and act on their conscience.
Unfortunately, all those qualities do not apply to the present President. He did not have the courage to fire Cheney, Rumsfeld, Gonzales, Bolton, Chertoff, Rove, and so many more.
How about the accumulation of bad nominations, including the influence of Giuliani at Homeland Security (Kerik and Chertoff). Staying the course, in spite of failures, and against all sound advices, is not courageous, but plain stupid, irresponsible and incompetent.
Very few of the present presidential candidates have the courage of their convictions, and dare to say what they believe should be done, for a better country. Unfortunately, the media do not cover them properly. The voters are not always aware of what is best for them.
We are paying the price, now......and our children will bear a tremendous burden, tomorrow....because, we, the nation, did not have the courage to stand up against a coward Congress.
The Facilitator

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Better Democracy: China or US? (3)

Pursuant to our article of last week, we have published yesterday comments from England and Canada. Today's comments: from United States

" tear down the electoral college and replace it with the popular vote...If ever the opportunity will exist, it willbe in the first months of the next Congress, after the people have been put through another Electoral Colelge constitutional crisis.
Because, if all the polls are correct, we are mocing headlong into another debacle, where the will of the people is trumped by the pernicious powers of corporate influence.They've bought and paid for our candidates' campaigns now for a long time, and they will demand payback.
Bush v Gore was just the beginning, if we do not eliminate the electoral college, we will never realize the fully evolved Democracy our founders hinted at when they formed this great nation.Democracy is evolving.And the demise of the electoral college and its replacement by the popular vote, will represent one of the most notable and historic hallmarks in that evolution.

Reply By Arius
While we're at it, get rid of the Senate for the same reasons.

- By Arius
At least here the Supreme Court had a choice between a Republican and a Democrat, not a Republican and a Republican.
Reply By Foreign Affairs Consultant
Perhaps, a third party will be an answer.

- By Oklahoma Voter (

"Optical scanning devices with paper ballot are the best way to go. Oklahoma has been using optical scanners since 1992. Historical voting irregularity scandals are what caused Oklahoma to convert to optical scanners years ago.
This is an election, not an auction. A primary, not a slam dunk by media, lobbyists, and Washington insiders.


China is a fascist oligarchy not a democracy. Read the book "Confessions: An Innocent Life in Communist China" by Kang Zhengguo, if you have any illusions.
by OklahomaVoter (

- Reply by The Facilitator

"An extremely limited choice. In theory, you are right.
My point is this: The Communist Party has a choice among 2,200 delegates. Here, only 5 or 6 candidates, who can raise $100 million, have a chance to lead their respective party. So, 200 million people choosing between two candidates already financed by pressure groups, lobbyists, etc.
If none of them is qualified, we still have the freedom to chose the lest incompetent.

- Reply by adbct 16 (,gop4jre
"China imprisons those who it considers to be threat to its authority.....human rights are anm after thought.....elections are decided by the elite not by ordinary compare China to the US is absurd......and one last note....the supreme court did not decide the 2000 determined that guessing at the intent of a voter based upon a perforated ballot or hanging chad was not a sufficient or reliable measure to count a vote.
They determined that to do so would be to ignore the votes of millions in favor of a some thousands based upon guessing and conjecture......they were correct. The outcome may not have been desirable, but the decision was correct. Get over it....."

- Reply by The Facilitator
"How about counting all the votes. Did they stop the counting of votes...yes or no?Did we imprison journalists, yes or no. Are we listening to private communications, yes or no?China has an elite, and we have the lobbyists, pressure groups, as elite...and they decide.
Still did not answer my point: 2,200 who can make a difference in, we are limited to 5 or 6 who can raise $100 million. Yes or no? That's the question. It is absurd to keep your head in the sand. Get over it...there is a world moving forward, outside our borders."

- Reply by adbct16

"Did they stp counting votes yes? Why because they could not determien a proper or valid way to count hanging chads and dimpled chads.....which is what the Supreme Court stated was the problem. You cannot accurately determine the intent of a vote based upon such was we imprison journalists in this country, perhaps if they defy court ordered testimony. Do we put them in gulags and the like for life...uh no....
As for being limited to 5 or 6 or can raise $100 million...whose fault is mean voters dont see the candidates....they dont realize what a fraud hillary is cmon.....get your head out of the sand...

- by carl cimini (, Wobbdlimind Media)
"China has a plan. We continue to follow the plan of madness. Totalitarian China? At this point the lofty goal and dream of an egalitarian society presented by Mao seems to be working.
I remember working in China during the first bush gore election, the look of my Chinese friends was akin to my puppy when it tilts its head, and a question would follow...Do you believe the masquerade? I would respond "It hasn't always been a criminal country; the U.S. for many years was the land of the underdog". The good fight was worth fighting. Today, the dream has died. Let's hope the Dems can revive it. "

The Facilitator

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Better Democracy: China or US? (2)

Pursuant to our article of last week, we would like to share with you the following comments.

From United Kingdom

- Why such a system? by elle 13
" Is the American system a 'meritocratic system' or a 'patronage system'?"

- Not unlike an unknown peanut farmer from Georgia. by Cheech

"How does a farmer, a poor farmer with a high school education become the first indigenous president of Bolivia? It's an amazing journey,”

- Not all politicians have a University Degree. Do they in America? by elle

"Cheech, among his people, a high school education may mean he is about the highest educated among them. And in a democracy, all he has to do is win votes. He might have a very high IQ despite his education. Otherwise, people get what they deserve."

- liaison by whatmustafricado

"whenever i mention this, people say im crazy. democracy is really a disgrace to our generation because its the genesis of all modern problems. The system of letting the people elect their leaders isn't prevalent. After potenting the authorities, they tend to ignore the populance and you call this a great achievement in the history of mankind?

Democracy really need to be reformed. I wish the world would listen to my proposed reformation on democracy. The leaders with high educational level tends to be stupid rulers because they think they knows it all and fails it all. These people doesnt know whats really going on in the societies because they spend all their time being educated but those with lower educational background do very much because these people are local people.

I always say, education isn't the key to anything because if is it, why the bigger authorities making things so expensive for us? its only makes one more distincts from others. none of the very rich people in the history were very educated.

All the people i know who spent their lifetime getting educated end up being loosers.we must always also know that, a man is still a man, whether he wears a tie or rag, rich or poor, white or black.

From Canada

- from W L:

"Mainland China went from a land torn by war with wide-spread poverty in 1949 to today's economic superpower not through democracy but dictatorship. The job is not yet done. Still, only 1/3 of the country can be considered "middle class" while the rest 2/3 are poor. Why should China adopt democratic system now?

The same goes for Taiwan & Hong Kong. The KMT ruled Taiwan with an iron fist and the British won't allow Hong Kong residents to choose its next governor. Both islands achieved huge economic booms while under dictatorship. Singapore too.

Since adopting a democratic system in 1996, Taiwan's economy has been in decline. Today, the government is consumed with political infighting, not to mention fist fights in the legislature.

Why does the Chinese want democracy? In its 5000 year history, there has never been an elected emperor in China. Why have one now?Steaks and potatoes may sell pretty well, but it will never replace rice as the staple. "

- from J.P. Sartre
"China has taught us that communism is the best environment for capitalism. Enterprises can be more efficient in China since there is no need to "waste" capital on worker benefits, product safety or saving the environment. The Chinese economy will eventually overtake the US economy as the largest in the world.

Anyway, the US is clearly becoming less and less democratic as the neo-cons advance their pro-capitalism and imperialistic agendas. Perhaps democracy will become obsolete as greed becomes the new "ethic".

Tomorrow, we will add comments from United States

The Facilitator

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Better Democracy: China or US

As Winston Churchill said about democracy: "The worst political system yet devised, except for all the others".

Next week in Beijing, 2,200 delegates of the Communist Party will elect the members of the Politburo, a strategic avenue for future leaders of the next greatest power on earth.

Still, 2,195 more than the five judges who selected George W. Bush in 2000. We are paying a heavy price for the poor judgment of those five Supreme (?) deciders.

Still, 2,195 more than the five presidential candidates who can afford to raise $50 million or more to win the nomination for the Republicans and Democrats.

We have 200 million eligible voters (only half of them bother to vote) who must choose between two persons, already selected by lobbyists, fund raisers, pressure groups, etc., and, of course, the media.

We assume that the 2,200 Chinese delegates have a certain intelligence having been selected among hundreds of millions people or having succeeded to get through the numerous channels.

So, one question. Who is having the best democracy? A leader selected among 2,200 intelligent members or 100 million mostly uninformed voters choosing between two billionaire candidates?

Recently, Evo Morales, president of Bolivia, was a guest of Jon Stewart: "Your story is remarkable. How does a farmer, a poor farmer with a high school education become the first indigenous president of Bolivia? It's an amazing journey,” Stewart asked.

“We all have rights, as I understand it,” said Morales, an Aymara Indian. “Professionals and intellectuals are not the only ones who can be presidents,” he said. “Indigenous people can also be president.”

“In Bolivia,” Stewart deadpanned, leaning forward conspiratorially. “In America, it's a little rigged.”

That's real democracy. Perhaps, we should stop promoting democracy abroad, and start learning how to count votes, at home. The real world does not listen to us, anymore. And our elected representatives do not listen to the majority, but prefer to please the few.

It is more than time to stop wasting hundreds of million dollars to promote democracy in Cuba, as an example, especially when the funds of taxpayers are wasted in childish propaganda, for the exclusive benefits of 1/3 of 1% of the population. We are paying a heavy price ($700 billion, so far), for such irresponsible electoral influence, under the supervision of the other Bush.

The Facilitator

Monday, October 08, 2007

We are losing precious time (2)

As we have seen last week, it is time to concentrate on something else than terrorism, war, boycotting, and insulting other countries.

The Real World has also noticed how poorly we can manage a natural disaster (Katrina), and the various problems facing certain industries: airlines, housing, health-care, automobiles, border with Mexico, school system, etc. etc.

The high price of energy is affecting the airline and trucking industries. Our employment figures do not meet the required criteria, and we are facing a serious recession. In the last five years, the cost of jet-fuel and diesel-fuel has more than double., affecting the earnings of all involved companies.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, a Paris-based group of 30 industrial nations, issued a report warning that the credit crisis had dimmed prospects for economic growth, especially in the United States.

But our great genius representatives in Senate and Congress prefer to lose their time in boycotting certain ads, and showing the rest of the world, that freedom of thoughts are in danger in a democracy, that still did not learn how to count votes.

Our elected officials still do not realize that the value of our American Brand is vanishing (see our article, August 30). Worse, an increasing number of countries, companies, institutions, are starting to distance themselves from American entities, labels, partnerships, relationship, etc.

Last week, shareholders of Daimler were eager to welcome the move to unwind the name Chrysler. The renamed Daimler-AG will also call its passenger car business: Mercedes-Benz-Cars, in honour of Carl Friedrich Benz.

Understand that it makes sense to withdraw the name Chrysler, after the sale of the said disastrous division, and a loss of $29 billion for a venture in United States. But we must notice how fast the shareholders decided to drop a US link. Combined with the out performance of Toyota and Honda, it shows that Detroit does not know how to manufacture automobiles, anymore.

It also shows our lack of clairvoyance and incompetence by not forcing the previous Big Three to produce better cars, and increase their mileage per gallon. It also demonstrates the irresponsibility of Congress to listen to lobbyists, who, by the way, have been working against their own interest. Unfortunately, because of spineless elected officials, our auto industry and our own economy is paying the price today, and for more than a generation to come.
Alarming that we do not realize it....while the real world knows it, for quite a while. Let’s show that we are serious. Let’s start with a few examples (Fannie Mae, for reasons explained last week). More than time to clean our House, and fire those who have no ethics, no moral, no competence.
If we want to restore our credibility and prestige, we must start by choosing competence, ethics and talents, over political nominations and sycophants.

New York Times
We are pleased to notice that today's editorial of New York Times, "American Dream in Reverse", does not include Fannie Mae as part of the solution, as the editor was suggesting, a few weeks ago.
We agree with one of the comments: "what is missing is executive leadership to bring together many players, including lenders, servicers, bankers and various investors. All of them are affected differently".
As reported, we have 700,000 fewer homeowners than six years ago, and we might reach one million by 2009, in spite of an increase in population, thanks to irresponsible Senate, Congress and White House.
However, we do not believe in Government assistance to speculators and foolish developers, nor to those who were buying upper-class houses with a clerk salary. Financial help should be restricted to those who have a steady employment, and can demonstrate a recovery with a sound financial budget, under supervision.
Notion of savings and sound family budget should be encouraged and installed. If not, we are just throwing away more money on citizens who will never learn (and are not interested) to get back on their feet. Perhaps, their children will understand the importance of savings, the importance of wise spending.
As we can see, we have so much work to do at home......if only to catch up with the Real World. No more time to lose by creating enemies abroad, and dictating other countries.
The Facilitator.